00-Presleyby Andy Szabo – You play as the “King” and try to defend your home Las Vegas against some Unidentified Frying Saucers… just try not to get ‘All Shook Up’ – I luv ya momma – thank you.
CatBurglar by Matt Pickow – You play as the cat burglar and try to get food and stay away from your owner, dog and try to get that mouse.

BUT ONE THING IS FOR SURE: The jobs of tomorrow will require creativity and innovation. As author Daniel H. Pink describes, “the future belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind: designers, inventors, teachers, storytellers: creative and empathic ‘right-brain’ thinkers whose abilities mark the fault line between who gets ahead and who doesn’t.”

While the STEM movement—a call to elevate the studies of science, technology, engineering and mathematics as a national priority—began to take shape in 2006, a separate push to add the arts to that equation, transforming STEM to STEAM, followed soon after. John Maeda, then president of the Rhode Island School of Design, championed the STEAM movement. “DESIGN CREATES THE INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS THAT WILL PROPEL OUR ECONOMY FORWARD,” Maeda said, “AND ARTISTS ASK THE DEEP QUESTIONS ABOUT HUMANITY THAT REVEAL WHICH WAY FORWARD ACTUALLY IS.”